OUT/WITH en tours

for the last week of may, i was travelling across spain (catalonia) and france, having met up with gem in barcelona as they finished touring with cannonball statman. as part of this, as is natural when you have an ongoing practice, i was taking photos in the places we visited for OUT/WITH. i noticed something interesting about the process of taking photos in different places - some cities or towns are harder than others.

platforms and reach

some of the tensions swirling around in my head the most at the moment are to do with reach and visibility. my moral position remains that i think that scale + communication generally only really does bad things for how we think, how we regard each other, and our empathy and compassion when communicating - but i’m facing a conflicting motivation which is the impending reality check that the only thing that keeps a roof over our heads is earning enough money through what i do.

resist recuperation!

hot off the press! following norwich transformed last weekend, and combined with upcoming essay deadlines that were making me think really hard about my relationship to institutions, i put together a minizine about recuperation. when i talk about recuperation here, i mean it in the political sense see Recuperation (politics) on Wikipedia. it’s an 8-side minizine made from one piece of A4, that you can print at home if you want.

norwich transformed

yesterday was the first ever norwich transformed, a splinter event of the world transformed which is a radical political education conference that follows around the labour conference. today was such an energising experience. to spend what was definitely the nicest, sunniest day of the year so far, cooped up in a methodist church with a couple of hundred other comrades, was honestly all i could have asked for. jon hegerty led a workshop on organising for power, from the work of jane mcalevey, which i found engaging.

solar protocol and rhizome dot org

hello! just a quick one today, very factual i am doing an office hours chat tomorrow evening with! i am absolutely thrilled about it. we're gonna talk about some of the big stuff - artmaking, placemaking, community BUT ALSO alienation under capitalism and being kind to each other and this whole performance we all engage in seemingly all of the time i really love rhizome. back when i was doing my undergraduate degree rhizome was like, the only place i knew where to go to get any information at all about art on the internet, and my dissertation was literally about art (specifically text in art) and the internet so i used rhizome a lot.


this month has been full of change. there's a new boygenius album. i have a new job, and i have a lot more time. i finally delivered the outcome of the residency i did in february, and i did a talk the same evening on zoom. i kind of feel like i just got spat out of a whale. i've cleared a big space in my room, and i want to keep it clear, so i can use it to do yoga.

what does a research inquiry look like for me?

thinking about the task of putting together a research proposal when the topic is so nebulous as to be your own artistic practice. it faces me with - what even is my practice anyway? what in here is something i could measure, or evaluate, or apply some kind of (here are those words again) methodology or framework to? where do i even start looking? through the course of the last module, i started to realise that all of my work is actually about listening.

remembering horse_ebooks in the age of GPT3

this morning i came across this blog post by maggie appleton, titled 'the expanding dark forest and generative AI'. it's a wonderful dissection of the state of the social internet right now (with a beautiful diagram detailing 'digital gardens' as substrate on the dark forest floor, above a network of 'cozy web' tunnels). it handles the expansion of Large Language Models (LLMs) which, let's face it, really feels like it is Happening Right Now.

well, that was a year

2022.. really knocked it out of me. i didn't know if i would have the energy to write something like this.. but here we are! i'm doing it! life is so different now to how it was this time last year. usually, these kinds of shifts in my life have been marked with moving house, but this time we've stayed in the same place and everything seems to have shifted around us.


the lovely matthew was so kind as to poke me to write, so i am, even though i feel a bit like i'm forcing it right now (as i so often do when i'm smushed between deadlines and new things and day job and all of that). thank you matthew, this quote resonates. interdependence is a wonderful word. i spent a lot of time as i grew up seeing people around me fall into codependent relationships, and slowly destroy each other from the inside out.