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housekeeping + an announcement

sunday 27th november 2022

hi!! just dropping in to say a couple of things!


i am in the process of learning how to use 11ty(!) and this blog is going to be my first test candidate - so please bear with me. some weird things might happen to my RSS feed in the transition. i am trying to work out how to have as few links as possible 404-ing but it might not be totally feasible to get to 100% success. this is a learning process, and i might write about my experience learning to use it too (because it hasn't been totally smooth sailing).


i am absolutely thrilled to announce that i am on the white pube's podcast alongside kim from geeks for social change ⧉!! the episode dropped today, link here ⧉. it's called Instagram has ruined the art world. What now? and it's about a secret project we've been working on that's finally seeing some sun. it's also about how instagram is an absolutely awful platform for artists, and still has somehow become the industry standard which informs so much of how the art world operates. it's grim.

working on this stuff is so fun, because it's a real step towards actually doing something about it - which is always my absolute favourite thing. i am not one for empty critique - i always want it to link directly to change i'm effecting (or trying to effect, anyway). i'm really excited for people to start hearing about this stuff!! everyone cross your little funding fingers that someone wants to throw us the cash to actually do it, lol.

as always

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